2010 Results posted

March 19, 2010

The final results for the 15th Annual Tobago International Game Fishing Tournament have been posted! Congratulations to all of this year’s winners and a big thank you from the tournament committee to all of our anglers, members, staff, friends and, of course, the wonderful Charlotteville community for helping us make this another successful event. See you next year!!

2010 Tournament Results

March 19, 2010

International Division

Top 10 Boats:

1st Place Boat 1686.20 pts. RINGLEADER Trinidad
2nd Place Boat 1330.40 pts. LEGACY Barbados
3rd Place Boat 1290.20 pts. FINESSE Trinidad
4th Place Boat 1290 pts. KNOT EASY Trinidad
5th Place Boat 1250 pts. TRENDSETTER Trinidad
6th Place Boat 1216.90 pts. PAR-T-TIME Trinidad
7th Place Boat 1087.40 pts. REEL MCCOY Trinidad
8th Place Boat 833.90 pts. MAGIC LADY Trinidad
9th Place Boat 821.50 pts. HAPPY HUNTER Barbados
10th Place Boat 800 pts. BLUE FEVER Trinidad

Largest of Species:

Largest Sailfish 72.1 lbs. Ronald Worthman TERMINATED
Largest Yellow Fin Tuna 68.1 lbs. Mark de Gannes PAR-T-TIME
Largest Dolphin 32.1 lbs. Rob Garrett LEGACY
Largest Wahoo 46.6 lbs. Revano Gosine DOUBLE DUTCH

Best of Category:

Best Male Angler 840 pts. Syam Galbaransingh KNOT EASY
Best Female Angler 88.30 pts. Jeanne Aleong EGA BEAVER
Best Junior Angler – Male 500 pts. Winfield Aleong, Jr EGA BEAVER
Best Junior Angler – Female 38.60 pts. Chanelle Fletcher WORKSHOP
Best Tag & Release Angler 2 Tag & Release Syam Galbaransingh KNOT EASY
Best Tag & Release Team 3 Tag & Release RINGLEADER
Best Boat – Day 1 840 pts. KNOT EASY
Best Boat – Day 2 890.2 pts. FINESSE
Best Boat – Day 3 800 pts. TRENDSETTER

Local Division

Top 4 Boats:

1st Place Boat 519.6 pts. SO JAH SEH Castara
2nd Place Boat 143.6 pts. PROSPERITY Castara
3rd Place Boat 137.8 pts. BEENIE BOY Charlotteville
4th Place Boat 88.5 pts. BIG CHANT Charlotteville

Largest of Species:

Largest Grouper 264 lbs. SO JAH SEH Castara
Largest Yellow Fin Tuna 48.1 lbs. PROSPERITY Castara
Largest Dolphin 37 lbs. PROSPERITY Castara
Largest Wahoo 26.9 lbs. The X Charlotteville
Largest Snapper 16.6 lbs. Simplicity Charlotteville

Best of Category:

Best Boat – Day 1 58.3 pts. PROSPERITY Castara
Best Boat – Day 2 60.8 pts. BEENIE BOY Charlotteville
Best Boat – Day 3 519.6 pts. SO JAH SEH Castara

TGFT 15 Underway!

March 13, 2010

After two days of fishing, it’s clear that the catch of the day is Yellowfin Tuna! By far the most prolific species brought to scale thus far, these fighters are running in the 60-70lb range and no doubt providing plenty of excitement for the anglers who have to bring them in.

Despite a slow start on the first day, the billfish have shown up in good numbers as well; even the elusive White Marlin has made an appearance!

Today is the traditional Lay Day Saturday, time for the anglers to relax and have some fun and, after last night’s angler party, they’re going to need all the rest they can get!